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  • Factoring is discounting of your receivable thereby converting your credit sales into cash sales in on time.
  • we purchase your receivables with recourse basis and giv e you immediate credits up to 80% to 90% of the value of invoices.
  • On due date the buyer makes payment directly to ‘Factors’ and thus liability is cleared.
  • Thus Factors ensures smooth funds flow to you.


  • Customer places order on the client.
  • Factor fixes Customer Limits.
  • Clients delivers goods and invoice to customer with notice to pay factor.
  • Client tenders copy of invoice to Factor.
  • Finance of 80% to 90% of invoice value.
  • Factors sends monthly statements to customers.
  • Factor follows up and reminds if unpaid bye due date.
  • Customers make payment to Factor.
  • Factor releases balance amount to the client.


  • Reduces working capital cycle.
  • Improves cash flow and liquidity.
  • Helps in improving your turnover.
  • Better credit management.
  • Improves profit and makes your balance sheet healthier.
  • Strengthens your bargaining power with your suppliers/ creditors.
  • Hassle free processing for availment of limit.
  • Complimentary to WC limits availed from Banks.
  • Follow up each invoice by the Factor & Collection of dues.
  • Providing “Off Balance Sheet" Finance.
  • Improved current Ratio, Gearing Ratio and better turnaround period.

Products Offered

➤ Sale Bill Factoring (SBF)
➤ Purchase Bill Discounting (PBD)
➤ LC Discounting
➤ Vendor Financing Scheme (VFS)
➤ Other Products